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Category Archives: 3dplot

The tikz-3dplot package has officially been born, and submitted to CTAN. Since I can foresee more work on this package in the future, I have decided to create a standalone blog dedicated to its development.

From now on, all tikz-3dplot updates will be posted at If you follow this blog for updates of this package, please redirect your attention there.

This blog will continue to list the historical developments of the tikz-3dplot package (at least unless I can figure out how to migrate posts from one blog to another). Some historical links of interest include:


I recently submitted the 3dplot package to CTAN to be considered for inclusion in their library of packages. I’ve received a response suggesting the name change to something without a leading number character in order to unify the CTAN identifier with the package name.

I like the idea of keeping things unified, and I’ve already had to experience a similar compromise when defining LaTeX commands for the package (they all begin with \tdplot). I’m just a little hesitant to name the whole package “tdplot”, as the name on its own is rather obscure.

If anyone has any suggestions or input, feel free to comment.

Some time ago, I developed the 3dplot package to manage 3d graphics in TikZ. I’ve started the 3dplot category in my blog to contain development notes and updates. Should anyone be interested in following the development progress of this package, this category should help streamline notification.

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